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Crafting Storage Tips

As I’ve been in the business of wreath making, I’ve had trouble finding a good way to store the supplies. A lot of ideas for craft storage focus on small things like paint brushes and pencils. It can be hard to think of storage for big items like wreaths and flowers. So I’m sharing what I’ve found useful and what hasn't worked!


Light & Bright. One thing I always recommend when it comes to bulky furniture is to go light and bright with the color you choose. Large, dark storage units can look bigger than they actually are and make a room feel small or cluttered. Especially since most of the stock I carry is large in size, I need larger storage solutions. I try to stick with white or light wood tones and pair them with fun colored baskets to give a pop of interest.

Map out what you use most and keep it closest to your work station. I'm always using my hot glue gun, so I keep it in the mobile cart next to my workspace. If it's something I seem to keep grabbing for, I keep it within arms reach so I'm not wasting time walking back and forth to grab things. If you aren't using it consistently then maybe it can go a few feet away or up in a storage bin.

IKEA. Honestly love that place. Ever since they built one just about an hour away I’ve been obsessed. I started with this drawer set and customized it with some labels! I recently added two KALAX storage systems (above on left) which has really changed the look of my craft room. I fully believe in always trying to go up in terms of storage, it helps to minimize your footprint of used space on the ground. I also have some cute bins for storage as well as two wall organizers.

Planter Boxes. Ok so this is a favorite creation of mine. I knew I’d always have a lot of flowers I’d need to store, and I got the idea to use planter boxes and nail them to the wall! I got the terracotta color which I love and filled them with flowers. I got two and plan on adding a third above this year once the boxes come back in stock. It is a great way to visually see what you have but make it pretty! I switch out the flowers I have each season so they are always in arms reach above my work station.

Visual Organization. I have been hanging all my in-season stock on clothing hangers in one closet and anything out of season on a clothing rack in our storage room. This has been a great use of space so far and again helps to visualize what I currently have. Also make sure that everything in bins is LABELED. This help so much when you have opaque bins for storage. If you know exactly what's in there you aren't wasting time

And now for the not so great things to avoid, which I made the mistake of doing:

Don’t carry too much stock/supplies if you don’t have to. Obviously there are things that I go through more consistently that I can get a better price on in bulk, but I do my best to not go overboard on buying without thinking about storage. I keep one single bin of flowers/décor per season and try to keep myself to that. If I keep too much then I end up not knowing what I have and buy duplicates or not using it in time before it goes out of style/season. This is especially important if you are limited in storage or space!

Measure your standard supplies to make sure things fit. This seems like a no brainer but when I first bought the drawer cabinet from IKEA I thought it would be the perfect place to store all the card stock I had. Well jokes on me the card stock doesn’t fit flat by just under an inch, if I had measured it out first I would’ve bought their smaller, wider cabinet (and am still thinking about buying it at some point)

Think about your personal style before you buy/thrift/use things for function only. At first I was just using a bunch of random shelving units and dressers to keep my things in, this was functional but did not foster my creativity since the space was pretty blah. Once I upgraded to one single style and color palate it changed the mood of my room, I love going in there and creating much more than I did before. I also wouldn't say that you can't thrift things, paint can go a long way!


What are some areas you're struggling with staying organized?

What are some storage solutions that have worked for you? I'd love to hear!


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